When Did Johns Hopkins Medicine Acquire Howard County General Hospital?

In June 1998, Howard County General Hospital became part of the renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to improve the health of our entire community through innovation, collaboration, service excellence, diversity, and a commitment to patient safety. This mission is reflected in all that we do. Before the construction of Howard County General, most emergency services were provided outside of Howard County. Howard County General Hospital is a private, non-profit community health care provider governed by a community board of trustees.

The clinics, which offer primary care doctors, specialists, and health education, are located within a 10-minute drive of every Howard County resident, according to Broccolino. Miller, who is dean of Hopkins Medical School, stated that there is no immediate plan to extend Hopkins' residency programs to Howard County. However, he said that plans should be developed in consultation with Howard County's general medical staff. Despite several attempts, the zoning of the hospital was not approved as a competition for the proposed overall project for Howard County. Howard County General Hospital is a 225-bed, not-for-profit healthcare provider located in Columbia, Maryland.

It offers a full range of services specializing in services for women and children, surgery, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, gerontology, psychiatry, emergency services and community health education. Many patients used to leave Howard County for medical care because there was a perception that there were no full services available here. However, with the acquisition of Howard County General Hospital by Johns Hopkins Medicine in 1998, this perception has changed. The hospital now provides comprehensive intensive care medical services and has become an integral part of the local healthcare system.

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