What is the Average Cost of Pet Deposits for an Apartment in Howard County?

When it comes to renting an apartment in Howard County, it's essential to understand the distinction between a pet deposit and a pet fee. A pet deposit is a refundable amount that the tenant pays to cover any potential damage caused by their pet. If the pet does not cause any damage, the tenant will get their deposit back in full. On the other hand, a pet fee is a non-refundable cost that allows the tenant to have a pet, but it does not cover any damage caused by the animal.

It's important to note that tenants with an emotional support animal or service animal are exempt from paying an additional pet deposit, a pet fee, or a monthly pet rent. However, landlords can still request appropriate documentation about the animal, which the tenant must provide under the ADA and fair housing laws. When it comes to the actual cost of a pet deposit for an apartment in Howard County, it can vary depending on the landlord and the type of pet. Generally speaking, most landlords will require a pet deposit of at least one month's rent.

Some landlords may also require an additional pet fee or monthly pet rent. It's also essential to remember that landlords must keep all security deposits at federally insured financial institutions doing business in Maryland. This ensures that tenants will get their deposits back in full if they meet all of the requirements set forth by their landlord.

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