What Does Howard County General Hospital Offer?

Howard County General Hospital is a full-service medical center located in Howard County, Maryland. It is a private, not-for-profit community health care provider governed by a community board of trustees and is the second largest private employer in the county. The hospital combines the convenience of a full range of hospital and wellness services, more than 1,000 affiliated physicians in nearly 100 clinical specialties, and award-winning clinical excellence with its membership in Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the nation's leading academic medical systems. At Howard County General Hospital, patients can access adult and pediatric emergency services, heart and stroke programs, women's health services, surgery, and community health education. It also provides phone numbers, appointment information, and directions in its Healthgrade Howard County General Hospital profile.

Initially, the hospital serves anyone who needs emergency care, Howard County physician patients with hospital staff appointments, and members of the Columbia Medical Plan. Howard County General Hospital has earned numerous accolades over the past two years including being named one of the 100 best hospitals in the United States and one of the 250 best hospitals in the United States. It has also received the largest private donation in the history of Howard County General Hospital and Howard County in general. As a result of this donation, the Columbia Hospitals and Clinics Foundation became independent from Johns Hopkins and changed its name to Howard County General Hospital. Howard County General Hospital is dedicated to providing quality care to its patients. It has implemented various initiatives to reduce patient falls which can increase time in the hospital, require additional care, and can result in permanent disability.

The hospital is committed to improving its patients' overall health and wellbeing.

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