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A Splendid Past & A Special Present

When residents first occupied the Guilford area in the 19th century, it was seen as a beautifully scenic escape from the successfully industrial city of Baltimore. In 1911, the Roland Park Company hired Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., the landscape architect famous for his work in the Everglades, Acadia and Yosemite National Park, to design the landscape and plan the streets of Guilford. Since then, both the town and the city have grown significantly, but to this day, the beauty, care and genius of his vision can still be seen when you walk through this nationally registered historic neighborhood.

Now adapted to accommodate for the everyday needs of the era, The Guilford is never short on something to love. Students from both Johns Hopkins and Loyola University love how they can walk to class. Working professionals love living within the city. Empty nesters love the nearby restaurants, boutiques and entertainment. This red-brick building may not stick out from the green grass and the tall trees, but step inside its walls and you’ll find a residence that respects the past, enjoys the present and cultivates a positive future.